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Summer Bucket List 2017

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of the bucket list since I saw the movie of the same name years ago. I think Jack Nicholson was in it? Anyway, I love the concept, though in a less morbid way. Not that one shouldn’t have a bucket bucket list. We all have things we want to do before we pass, I just happen to like to break mine down into a slightly more light hearted let’s- not -look -at -impending -death kind of way. I digress though. Have you made your bucket list of fun things to do for the summer?? I love doing this, and now that we are actually expecting a good stretch of weather in the Portland Metro Area, it feels like the perfect time to put one together. Here are a few of the events I have found to add to my list:

Portland Rose Festival

This may be an annual event, but it still would make my list every year. Every Oregonian knows that May kicks off Rose Festival season. There are so many fun activities for the family at the Waterfront to participate in, but my favorite part of the Rose Festival has to be the parades. In high school I had the privilege of marching in both the Starlight and the Rose Parades, and as an adult the magic of them does not wear off. This year, the Starlight Parade takes place on June 3rd, and the Grand Floral Parade is on June 10th. Both are free to watch, though you may end up camping out with many other PDX residents to get the best spots. For more information on the parades, waterfront activities, concerts, runs, etc. taking place during the festival, visit www.rosefestival.org




Visiting All the Beaches

As soon as the sun hits, it is like there is this gravitational pull to the Oregon Coast. If you don’t know what I mean, then maybe these upcoming events at the coast will help explain.

Cannon Beach Sand Castle Contest

If you haven’t had the chance to see this in action, it is so fun to watch! There is a great range of talent and complexity in the builds, which will be happening this year on June 17th from 8:30AM-1:30PM. To register to sculpt yourself, participate in the run, or just to see what else is going on in Cannon Beach, click here

Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival

I have never been to this festival before, but they had me at Pirate. Also at PDXYAR. Which I can’t do justice to in explanation. The pirate festival is running June 23rd-25th and you need to check it out at www.rockawaybeach.net/events/pirate-festival

Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival

Some of the largest kites I have ever seen have been at this festival, happening June 24th-25th this year. I love the Lincoln City area, from its gorgeous camping grounds, to casino, to outlets, to fine agate beach front. Take in the kites while searching the coastline for the glass floats constantly found, or head up to the outlets to see the latest deals! www.oregoncoast.org/lincoln-city-summer-kite-festival

Drink it In

For those who love the brew scene, PDX has a few events this summer that allow you to try new flavors while socializing. Cider Summit PDX takes place at the Fields Park in the Pearl June 16th and 17th (Tix $25-40 depending on what type and when purchased). Sip more than 80 independent craft beers at the Oregon Brewer’s Festival, celebrating its 30th year, seeing annually about 80,000 craft beer lovers. The festival runs July 26th-30th this year, so get those pint glasses ready!


brewer's festival

Tigard Festival of Balloons

Running June 23rd-25th this year, the Tigard Festival of Balloons provides gorgeous photographs if you are a photographer, and is so much fun to watch if you get up early enough to see them launch. In addition to the balloons, there is a carnival center, beer garden, festival of cars, etc. I have missed this festival the last few years and would love to go back to Cook Park to see it!

Sherwood Robin Hood Festival

Located in Historic Sherwood on July 14th and 15th, the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival is one of my kids’ favorite festivals to go to. Maybe it is the parade, the plays, the knighting ceremony, archery tournament, music, or just the presence of Robin Hood hats, but they always ask to go every year. Best part? Entrance is free!!


soap box 2

Portland Adult Soap Box Derby

The Portland Adult Soap Box Derby takes place on August 19th at Mt. Tabor Park from 9:30AM-4ish (their description) and makes my list because, seriously, who doesn’t want to watch grown adults come up with some kind of car to race in something that normally you see kids doing? I have to see this just to say I have.

County and State Fairs

Who doesn’t love fair food, and dogs flying into pools trying to catch Frisbees? In all serious, the Washington County Fair in Hillsboro and the Oregon State Fair in Salem will always make my summer bucket list. Besides that feeling of Americana, there is just something relaxing and fun about strolling through the myriad of booths eating a ginormous turkey leg and funnel cake then riding all the rides until you throw up or run out of money. These are the memories I pass down to my kids.


State fair

What is on your 2017 summer bucket list?? Are there events that make every year? What is a new bucket list item for this year?