Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother's day

Some people look forward to the flowers on Mother’s day, or the cute hand crafted cards from their kids. Yes, those are nice, but you know what is even better (except maybe the handwritten cards. I’m not a monster)? The FOOD. You know what I am talking about. Mother’s Day brunch. Buffets filled with everything that is delicious and brunchy. Here are some of the options in Hillsboro and a couple special ones in Portland this year.

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

A staple in Hillsboro, the Roadhouse is one of the select McMenamins offering a Mother’s Day brunch. It does require a reservation to attend, and runs from 9AM-3PM. Pricing is $31 for adults, $19 for kids ages 5-12, with ages 4 and under eating free. For an idea of what will be served, click here.


La Provence in Orenco

Who doesn’t love a taste of France? Or American French as it were. Whether you are craving French toast, patisserie offerings, or something more substantial, you can find it at La Provence in Orenco (close to Ava Roasteria for all you coffee lovers). Brunch offerings will be served until 3PM. For La Provence’s Mother’s Day menu, click here.

Top Golf


Top Golf

This one goes out to all of the mommas who enjoy going to the driving range, socialization, and maybe some good drinks. Now, this Mother’s Day option is definitely a little more spendy. Reservations are required for this adventure, and cost $180. For that price you receive one golf bay for 2 hours of Top Golf play and prepaid food and beverage in the amount of $80. Each bay accommodates 6 playing guests, with up to 8 guests per bay. For larger groups there are reservations available for two bays next to each other. Amount of play time is still the same, but the amount of prepaid food jumps up to $160. Though the site doesn’t specify that the reservation price doubles, I would assume it does.  To make a reservation at the Hillsboro Top Golf for Mother’s Day, click here.


Garden Vineyards

Ok, so this one isn’t a restaurant, but it deserves a mention. I actually tried Garden Vineyards a year or two ago after I purchased a Groupon for a basket from them. Located off of Dick Road in Hillsboro, the Vineyard has some beautiful scenic views, and the food is fantastic. I especially loved their freshly baked bread. This Mother’s Day they are offering special picnic baskets. The Vineyard requires 48 hour notice for purchase, and the cost is $25 per person. In addition to the basket, you receive fresh baked bread, cheese, basil pesto, fresh berries, bread pudding with rum soaked raisins, fresh flowers, and a choice between vegetarian quiche or steak and arugula salad. In my opinion, this sounds delicious! For more information about Garden Vineyards, click here.

Oregon Zoo

Who doesn’t love Mother’s Day at the zoo? It keeps the kids entertained, and there are so many fun animals to see. In fact, you could celebrate the new baby river otters that have recently begun to swim with their mama in the Great Northwest exhibit. Brunch at the zoo will be located in the Cascade Crest Banquet Center, and will run from 9:30AM-1PM. For more information about pricing and the menu, click here.


Obviously this does not capture all of the options that are out there for Mother’s Day, but it is a beginning for those who aren’t sure what is out there. Where do you enjoy eating on Mother’s Day? Do you go out, or do you cook? What are your favorite Mother’s Day activities to do?