Visiting Longbottoms Coffee and Tea

I’m really bad about eating breakfast, both at home or on the go, but yesterday I dropped the kids off of school and thought, why not try something different? So I tried to remember great places to go eat breakfast in Hillsboro. I didn’t want to go to a chain restaurant (at least this time), but something a little more obscure. Then I remembered Longbottoms Coffee and Tea.

It has been a long time since I have been to Longbottoms. Partly, because I am bad about eating, and partly because I keep forgetting where it is. If you have never been there, Longbottoms is off of 235th in Hillsboro, not far away from Ron Tonkin Stadium. When you turn down 235th you may feel like you are in the wrong place because there are so many industrial buildings, but keep driving, because you are in the right. Longbottoms itself is an industrial building, as their coffee is roasted and based here in Hillsboro since 1981.

The outside may look industrial, but the interior of the café or restaurant is an inviting and intimate setting. You will find a healthy mixture of tables that seat 2-4 people, but you have the ability to push them together if in a larger group. Décor is of the landscape variety, with calming murals painted along one wall, where framed portraits of landscapes hang among others. There is also a display that boasts the varieties of their coffee and teas for sale. Orders are taken at a counter. Some of the menu items you can view on the large chalkboards that line the back wall. They also have laminated menus to peruse, and some items such as cookies or scones are visible in their display cases.



What impressed me is the variety of menu items, given that it is a smaller restaurant. If I want something small, I can grab a bagel, but there is everything from bagel sandwiches to quiche to strata, to omelettes, etc. They also have an impressive lunch selection for those looking to grab a quick bite.  For an in depth look at their menu, click here.  What I ended up settling on was a Belgian waffle a la cart, and their biggest hot chocolate with almond milk. While I felt like I should have eaten more, or healthier (I did at least pause to consider getting a side of fruit), I knew my stomach isn’t used to a big breakfast, so a Belgian waffle was decadent enough to me. It was fantastic! Wonderful flavoring, perfectly cooked, and I had my syrup boat ready to make sure every little square was filled. The hot chocolate was perfect temperature and chocolately enough for me (this is my official food network description. Seriously though, if you are a hot chocolate drinker you have to have the right chocolate balance). It even had a cute design on the foam that amazingly lasted until I finished. I  The other part that impressed me was the service. The servers were friendly, they were efficient, and I didn’t have to wait long for my food or drink. I also overheard them greet regulars (at least assuming they are regulars) by name, which provides a nice community feel. Empty plates did not sit long, and I was asked how everything was, so all in all a great experience. I left wondering what had taken me so long to go back, feeling like their menu had expanded, and knowing that I will definitely make a trip back sooner.


What are some of your favorite places to go for breakfast in Hillsboro? Do you prefer the chain restaurants, or the mom and pop shops? What is your favorite breakfast item to order?