The Study of Sweets

Study of Sweets

It is safe to say that this may have been one of my favorite assignments. Each week, I strive to bring you something wonderful from our growing town of Hillsboro. Sometimes it is upcoming events, and sometimes it is interesting places to visit. Now, I am a little ashamed that it took me two weeks after this store opened to go try it. Can I blame it on the responsibilities of adulating?


The Study of Sweets is located at 159 SE 2nd Avenue in Downtown Hillsboro, and experienced their official Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony on April 7th. They are conveniently located across the street from the US Bank and bordered on one side by the HART Theater. So if you need a pre/after theater snack or need to ugly cry over your bank balance, you have a place that has your back. For myself, I was in heavy need of chocolate, and this seemed like a great place to go. This was a fantastic decision!

My visit was a quiet one, but then I also went in the middle of a work day while the kids were in school (no sharing of the chocolate!). The shop has an inviting atmosphere, with ample room to sit down to relax and visit. Since I had to go get kids from school, I did not park myself on the generous sectional, but I did take my time to look around and admire the décor. The study theme was supported by the presence of owls, one of my inside joke favorites, but also known to be representative of wisdom. Wise is an apt word to describe these sweets, which are beautifully crafted and taste amazing!

In the interest of research (and my sweet tooth), I purchased several items, which included a chocolate covered and decorated pretzel, a peppermint patty type chocolate, chocolate covered butter toffee, a raspberry ganache/truffle (?) ball coated in white chocolate and rolled in vanilla cookie crumbs, a chocolate/pineapple combo, and a hot chocolate. The only negative I have to say about the selection, is that I wish there was a little more range, and I wish some baked goods like cookies or brownies were incorporated. Keep in mind that the store is only two weeks old, and the owner, David Gadlin, is still experimenting and continuing to add to the menu.  I do believe that the pros outweigh the cons.

Hot Chocolate


One of the things I loved about the chocolates were that there were a variety of cacao percentage, and there was a healthy balance between the light, dark, and white chocolates. The pretzel was wonderful, the butter toffee would be perfect with tea or coffee, I have never met a bad peppermint patty, am slow eating the white chocolate raspberry truffle because it is that good, and I haven’t dug into the pineapple combo yet because it is so pretty. It reminds me of all you University of Oregon fans in its vibrant green and gold combo, or like a pineapple. Which makes sense. Ooo, creamy. Had to take a bite to provide accurate feedback. If you are a hot chocolate lover, you will adore the hot chocolate made in the pan in front of you. As someone who prefers dairy substitutes, I was impressed to find that I had an option to substitute milk for coconut milk. It didn’t impact the flavor at all, this is a rich tasting dark sipping chocolate, and I loved that I had the option to have a flame roasted marshmallow on top of my drink. Decadent flavor served piping hot, so if ordering for kids, keep temperature in mind as you may want it a bit cooler. In addition to these offerings, the menu also includes, ltalian sodas, loose leaf tea, pre-bagged chocolates and rice treats, along with some jerky options from Dave’s meat and nuts.

If you are looking for a new place to fulfill your sweet tooth, The Study of Sweets is a great place to try new combinations. They are hosting Downtown Hillsboro’s Easter Egg hunt tomorrow from 11-4, so it is a great time to stop by and welcome a new face to the community!


What is your favorite truffle/sweet flavor combination to order? What is the worst flavor you have had?